2018 is the 70th anniversary of Sardinia as an autonomous region in Italy. For the event, they wanted to celebrate with a big campaign all over the island reminding people of the duty of each one of the inhabitant of the island, as well as the rights that they have. Therefor, the adv agency wanted portraits of many people, normal people, in black and white, looking proud and joyful in front of the camera. The campaign is very nice because they invested much money on printing everywhere in the island, billboards, bus stops, bus and tram, newspaper, internet. 30 faces printed huge everywhere in Sardinia. From a photographic point of view it was also challenging, the art director wanted black and white photographs that look fresh, bright and friendly, but also good to have a white text on top. Then I had to be smart on the outfits, a perfect background and a well balanced light on the subject. I also always thought of myself as a colour photographer, it was cool to face the challenge of a black and white only campaign.

Client: Consiglio regionale della Sardegna
Agency: Quom3
Creative directors: Alberto Deiana e Paola Governatori
Art director: Alberto Deiana
Copywriters: Alberto deiana e Chicco Gallus
Make up and styling: Claudia Puggioni
Photography: Michele Secchi
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