June 30, 2017


Akénta is a special wine they make in Sardinia. It’s the pride of the Santa Maria la Palma winery; the final stage of refining of this particular wine, is done under the deep blue sea of the island, 40 meters deep for few months, with constant pressure, light and temperature. It’s a very special product and very lucky few can taste it. Alberto Deiana, Creative Director from quom3  , came out with the story of this wine as a fancy butler bringing you a taste of the wine directly from the bottom of the sea. I found the idea brilliant, and I’m very proud myself of the result. The image was supposed not only to tell the story, but also to communicate the freshness and the beauty of the Island where it comes from. Then we went for a deep fresh blue as a main color, we were very keen on keeping the sun as a main light source, but still in a very smooth and velvety feeling.  The image was used for both print and web advertising.